Monday, 29 January 2018

Ugli fruit-The Beautiful Ugli Fruit

While it isn’t really the ugliest fruit in the world, the ugli fruit does have a rather lackluster appearance, with thick, yellow-green skin so loose and leathery that it practically rolls out when you begin pulling it off. But don’t let its unassuming exterior fool you, because this mottled green citrus is truly delectable. A tangelo variant, the ugli fruit’s taste is reminiscent of other citrus fruits, because it is, in a way, being a cross between other citrus offerings. Analysts note that its size rivals that of a grapefruit, with a milder, much sweeter taste, fibrous sections inside and a slight protrusion at the base that looks like an “outie” navel. Not only does it have its own distinct characteristics, ugli fruit also has an interesting lineage. Ask growers what an “ugli” is, however, and you might get a slightly different list of basic cultivars. Ugli fruit is so exclusive in the citrus community that it’s earned its own class designation. Now believed to be a natural cross between a mandarin orange and a grapefruit, it has a number of step-siblings, such as the Seminole, Nova, and Orlando. 


Myth-Ugli fruit has fat contents!

Truth- Ugli has a zero fat content which makes it a perfect fruit to be eaten in any proportions. As it doesn’t have any cholesterol, it eliminates the risk of heart diseases automatically. No fat and cholesterol fruit like ugli can be cherished all throughout the season.

Ugli Fruit Fun Facts

One serving of this amazing fruit contains 2 grams of dietary fiber. Food rich in dietary fiber reduces the risk of constipation.
Ugli fruit also protects against kidney stone formation.
Being rich in Vitamin B, this fruit also promotes good oral health.
As this fruit is low in calories, it helps to prevent obesity as well. This exotic fruit acts as an antioxidant and help the body to destroy free radicals.

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