Friday, 12 January 2018

Quince-Your Secret Reward

Quince is an ancient fruit, found in Roman cooking and grown across Turkey and Southeast Asia. It grows on small trees and is closely related to apples and pears, but it lacks their immediate edibility and appeal. The fruit is knobbly and ugly, with an irregular shape and often have a grey fuzz -especially when the fruit has been picked under ripe. The ripest, nicest quince will have a golden tone and smooth skin. But even ripe quince doesn't taste very good raw. Quince may be the most difficult, yet consequently rewarding, fruit ever encountered. It's completely inedible when raw. It also has an extremely tough and spongy flesh, which is difficult to cut up.

Keep care while cutting a Quince!


Myth- Can quince be eaten in its natural state?
Truth- Quince can’t be eaten raw or in its natural state as the proteins when amateur tastes bitter and can be toxic, it is advisable to eat it cooked.

Quince Fun Facts

Quince is deciduous tree that belongs to the family of roses. 

It originates from Caucasus and Iran. Cultivation of quince started 4.000 years ago in Asia and Mediterranean region. 

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