Monday, 27 February 2017

First Blog...MyGreen Mart

About Us

Organic  Reorganization
The  bounty  of nature can  be  optimally  and  healthily  enjoyed only when  it is allowed  to work as a  whole unit. The slightest tampering brings about imbalances that snowball into unnatural consequences. The world has woken up to this fact. And is going organic, the way nature always intended it to be.
The organic produce market is growing globally at a healthy 20% – 25% every year, with the demand now extending beyond commodities to branded and packaged organic  products.
At the helm of this natural reorganization process in India is MyGreen Mart. The premier organization to take up organic farming on a scientific and corporate level. We already have a head start in organic production in the country, and  are  now also  promoters and  marketers of branded & packaged organic  produce, within and beyond the shores of India.

Our Vision

Our Organic Vision  
“To be the leader in the business of enviro-friendly foods, while nurturing a life close to nature which is vital for healthy living”
To breathe life into our mission, we  bring to the fore modern business  practices & systems and financial management, and empower people with skill-sets that have the propensity of global scaling. We follow fair trade practices and zealously adhere to community development, be it in the form of contract farming with community grower groups, agro-consultancy or produce marketing.
Yes, we are an organization that is making organic farming the next green revolution…  or should we say the
Evergreen Revolution.