Friday, 2 February 2018

Victoria Plums-Your Royal One in Your Diet

The Victoria plum is a type of English plum. It has a yellow flesh with a red or mottled skin. This plum is a cultivar of the egg plum group. The fruit shape is oval or ovate. The ground color is greenish yellow, mostly covered with a purple color. The stone does not come off completely from the flesh but the skin is easy to pull off. The flesh is quite rough, light yellow and in good development and full maturity is sweet and tasty. Maturation time is mid-to-late September (in some places)


Myth- You should never eat the dark coloured plums!

Truth- Plums which are darker in shade are on its peak to eat raw as the sugar content in it reaches higher and is more concentrated.

Victoria Plums Fun Fact

The name "Victoria" comes from Queen Victoria (1819–1901). The variety was first discovered in a garden in Alderton, Sussex. It was introduced commercially in Sweden in 1844 by a nursery owner, Denyer, under the name of Denyer's Victoria. This strain quickly became very popular in Sweden in the late 19th century.

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