Saturday, 18 November 2017

Kiwi- Key to Vitamin K

Kiwifruit is a surprising little fruit, and is unlike any other. First, it's small and light brown in color with a fuzzy skin surface. Inside, the fruit is not only lime green and studded with tiny black seeds in an oval pattern when sliced, but it's also delicious, rather like the flavor of a strawberry. Peeled, sliced, and chilled, kiwifruit is an excellent addition to any fruit salad combination or by itself. Today, Italy, Chile, France, Japan, and the US are the highest producers of two varieties: green and gold. Kiwifruit is not only a scrumptious food, but is also used for its ability to tenderize meats, due to the compound actinidin.


Myth- Kiwifruit is called “Chinese Gooseberry”

Truth- The fruit in ancient times in China was known as Yang Tao. In the late 1960s in the US the fruit was called “Chinese Gooseberry”, although it's doubtful that this moniker ever really stuck. Luckily, kiwifruit got its new name – in honor of New Zealand's native bird (Kiwi) - from an enterprising food distributor.

Kiwifruit Fun Facts

Placing kiwifruits in a brown paper bag for four to six days will help them ripen. Keeping them in a paper bag with an apple, banana, or pear will speed up the ripening process even more.

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