Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Iceberg lettuce- Your Irresistible Healthy

Iceberg lettuce has been surrounded by various criticisms saying that it is one of the most “useless” vegetables in the culinary world. People have even claimed that eating iceberg lettuce is as nutritious as eating cardboard. This is probably because, compared to other varieties of lettuce, iceberg lettuce has a lower nutritional content. But to believe that it’s as useless as eating cardboard simply robs you of the nutritional benefits that it can actually offer you. It was first called the “crisphead” lettuce because of its texture and shape. Its name, “iceberg,” came from the fact that this vegetable was often sent to other states and areas in trucks filled with large amounts of ice to preserve it and slow down its decay.


Myth- Iceberg lettuce is not healthy!

Truth- Considering that iceberg lettuce is usually found in salads – the staple food for people who are trying to lose weight – it comes as no surprise that the calories in iceberg lettuce are relatively low. It contains about 10 calories per serving. This is usually attributed to the fact that about 96 percent of it is water!

Lettuce Fun Fact

The name of iceberg lettuce is adapted from an incidence in Italy where the vegetable was kept in cold storage to keep it fresh for a longer period of time. The containers were filled with ice which gradually appeared as little icebergs in the storage with lettuce leaves. Hence, the vegetable got its name as “Iceberg Lettuce”.

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