Friday, 17 November 2017

Jackfruit- Let’s Get Stuffed

Having a distinct musky smell and deliciously sweet taste, jackfruit is a unique tropical fruit that is typically harvested during summer and fall. It can grow to enormous sizes, measuring between 10 -60 centimeters in length, 25-75 centimeters in diameter, and can weigh between 10-100 pounds, making it the largest tree-borne fruit in the world. Specimens weighing more than 100 pounds have also been recorded. Jackfruits are found mostly in the Southeast Asia.  

Jackfruit Fun Fact

Jackfruit emits a sweet yet putrid stench that has been described as a combination of overripe bananas, onions, pineapple and passion fruit. Like durian, the giant fruit is banned in airports and plane cabins, but it isn’t prohibited as cargo.


Myth- Jackfruit and durian are same?

Truth- Jackfruit and Durian are similar looking fruits found mostly in Southeast Asia both are green on outside and inside is the fibrous fruit which has seed covered by its flesh. The basic difference between Durian and a Jackfruit is that the rind on a Jackfruit is blunt, round and short on the other hand the Durians’ rind is spiky and sharp as compared to the jackfruit. Adding to the smells the Durian has an unpleasant noxious aroma, and the jackfruit has a sweet musky odour which is enough to differentiate between them!
Hence, Jackfruit and Durian are not same!

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